16 October Office Based | PRP and Cellulamatrix Training

Classes are limited to (5) Attendees
The course is located in Milan, Via Carducci 19, 20123
Course Fee – euro 2,000.00 /  Price only online – euro 1,000.00

Attendees will receive thorough training in Regenerative medicine. Attendees will also receive a thorough knowledge and understanding of all the various aspects associated with PRP and Cellularmatrix (PRP and Hyaluronic Acid) which will enable the physician to immediately integrate these procedures within their aesthetic practice including but not limited to:

1. Requirements in creating a regenerative medicne room within your Office - including: recommended equipment, and insurance considerations
2. PRP Kit, Centrifuge, settings
3. Patient Selection, Consultation, Pre-Operative Evaluation, and Patient Consents
4. Contradindications, Patient Workup, Pre-Operative Tests, Drug Interactions
5. Instrumentation and Equipment needed for PRP and Cellularmatrix production
6. Patient marking
7. Complications of Regenerative medicine
8. PRP injections technique
9. Cellularmatrix injections technique

This Comprehensive 2-Day Course is designed for you to integrate this procedure into your Aesthetic Practice without the need for additional training. Each day will consist of didactic study and practical training using regenerative medicine in office. All course materials including manual, all forms necessary, consents, and vendor information is provided.
Our instructor, Mario Goisis, MD, has performed thousands of these procedures and will share their “pearls” acquired through their “hands-on-experiences” and extensive training. Class sizes are limited and will not exceed (5) eight physicians during this 2-Day Hands-On Training.
Objectives of Training
Upon completion of this program, the physician should be able to:
Learn to thoroughly evaluate the patient with Aesthetic and/or Medical requests
Become proficient in Regenarative medicine techniques and protocols - including patient selection.
Gain the technical skills required to perform various PRP and Cellularmatrix procedures through Hands On training.
Understand patient selection, gender differences, and anatomical considerations to be able to perform safe, effective and satisfying results for your patients.
Understand how to create a “regenerative medicine clinic” within your office including equipment, supplies, and settings.
Learn to implement specific strategies for marketing and practice growth.


1. Education and Training

Doctors looking for board certification by AQ must have graduated from an accredited medical school. Following medical school, doctors must complete at least one to four years of training in a residency or fellowship program accredited by AQ standard. During their training, Doctor’s must acquire extensive practical experience and an extensive knowledge of patient management.

2. Application for Certification

Upon conclusion of their residency or fellowship training, doctors can apply for board certification by the AQ. The director of their residency or fellowship program must attest to the doctor’s; treatment skills, ethics and professionalism. In addition, Doctors must provide a record of their treatment experience (of acceptable size and scope) for review:

For example, to complete level three of AQ certification the doctor must provide a record of at least 400 treatments with fillers, 200 treatments with botox and 100 treatments with laser.

If the application is approved, the doctor is admitted to the necessary examinations for certification.

3. Examinations for Certification

Doctors must pass a First Examination which is an extended written examination assessing the applicants aesthetic medicine knowledge.

Applicants must then pass an oral and practical examination called the Certifying Examination, which tests their judgment and decision making. Candidates are interviewed and observed by experienced aesthetic doctors who evaluate their ability to diagnose and treat.

If successful on both examinations, the Doctor is deemed board certified and becomes a “diplomate” of the AQ certification

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