FAQ about level one courses

FAQ about level 1,2,3,4 courses

1. Who are the perfect candidates for Autologous Fat Transfer?
Quite fatty patients, 30-50 years old
2. What are the contraindications for the treatment? please collect healthy patients, with no anxiety
3. Do you have a required age group? 30-50 years old
4. What are your pre-treatment requirements? Except allergy, antibiotic treatment (amoxicillin plus clavulanic acid 1mg the day before and the morning of the treatment)
5. Do you require patients to undergo blood chem/ laboratory test before the procedure? For healthy patients recent (6 months) standard blood exam
6. Which area of the body do you usually get the fat? flanks
7. What are the post treatment expectations and instructions we can tell our patients?
Follow all physician instructions carefully; this is essential for the success of your outcome. Personal and vocational activity usually no needs to be restricted. In the first week after treatment, physical activity that increases your pulse or heart rate may cause bruising, swelling, fluid accumulation. It is important that you participate in follow-up care, return for aftercare, and promote your recovery after treatment.
8. Do you have a sample Informed Consent Form/ Disclaimer/ Treatment forms we can utilize during the workshop?
see attachment

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