Regenerative Medicine Courses,Level 3

Level 3: Cadaver workshop

More than 200 medical doctors participated at the dissection courses organized by dr Goisis in the last year!
It’s a 2 days Cadaveric dissection course, organized in a specific training center. it is organized in 3 different types of training:
Golden and Silver training:
All the participants will do fat harvesting and full face treatment with fat, and injection of filler and botox and implant for threads lifts as described above. 70% of the course is hands-on. 30% are lectures about explanations of the techniques and live dissection
.A maximum of two participants will be assigned to each cadaver head (maximum four participants in case of silver course).
Bronze training:
The Anatomy sessions are organized in this way: The instructor will show a layered pre-dissected head, discussing about facial danger zones. The acquired knowledge on facial anatomy will help the participants to understand Where, What and How much to inject. Different techniques employed will be demonstrated step by step by the experts. Interactive discussion in small group during each session will guide the participants to better understand of regenerative and aesthetic treatments.
Look at examples of level 1 course

 example level 1 courses

Pratical part(2 hours)

Theorical part(1 hour)

What do I need to organize a level three course

Usually the level 3 courses are organized in the dissection center ICLO, located in Verona, Italy.
You can invite dr Goisis for a level 3 course in your country: contact dr Goisis in order to evaluate the setting of the dissection center

FAQ about level three course

What kind of anatomical specimens will be used? Fresh or frozen heads
What is the difference between gold and silver formula? In case of gold course, a maximum of two participants will be assigned to each cadaver head. In case of silver course, a maximum four participants will be assigned to each cadaver head

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